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Department Assessments
In-depth analysis of dealership services - employee performance - procedure efficiency - loyalty retention for validation of current status and growth opportunities 
Sales and Service Assessment review
Customized Guided Discovery skills development for job specific performance
Behavioral "Road to the Sale" techniques for Sales, Service and Parts personnel with rateable results and student certification
Training conducted in either  In-dealer or workshop environments
Net Promoter Score seeks to measure true customer loyalty
Provides for targeted improvement opportunities 
Promotes your entire dealership based on any data which resides in your DMS or manufacturer measured results
End-to-end process evaluation
Customer and employee process improvement with defined goals
Implementation, training and compliance
Sustained measurements, report-outs and follow up
Review and education of staff on key certification requirements
Update or develop processes to meet or exceed manufacturer certification mandates
Coaching on individual techniques with support materials
On-site pre-certification walk through and sign off
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Job Specific Skills Training
Owner Loyalty and Retention
Core Process Improvement & Maintenance
Manufacturer Certification Integration & Maintenance
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