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Our Unique Approach
  • Focused on five core competencies that drive growth

  • Observe and discover gaps that hold back great employee performance

  • Use exclusive copyrighted Assessments to identify and define real growth opportunities

  • View and measure the dealership from a customer’s perspective

  • Present specific options to improve dealership 
  operations that best meet
             customer needs

  • Assist in developing- implementing -measuring new  procedures that add value

  • Work to earn the right to become a valued partner 
  with you and your team
Performance improvement in People + Processes + Innovation = Growth. That's what IDS can do for you!
How We Got Here

A long and varied path in the retail automotive businesses has fueled the dealership passion. It has given the opportunity to work with and represent, many of the world’s finest automotive manufacturers, dealers, distributors, and consultant companies in the industry. 

As mentioned my in-dealership background includes not only positions in the dealerhips but working with major maunfactures in consulting and program postions implementing important initiatives that have driven growth and profits.

This experience allows for the unique observation and understanding the customer, employee, and dealer needs to promote excellence in the services and operations they deliver. 

Innovative Dealership Solutions is dedicated to partnering with manufacturers and dealership leaders looking to improve their current business model. Our values align with partners that place a high worth on customers and employees. Who are committed to their business through reinvestment. Who practice daily high ethical standards. Who truly desire to be the best.
Steve has worked in the dealership environment in sales, service, parts, and has consulted in several capacities.

In the consultant capacity with Aon Automotive Consulting, he developed key process improvements, training, ESI and certification for some of the largest dealerships in the western region. He then moved on to a large dealership group instituting key processes, training and training programs, Voice of the Employee and Voice of the Customer improvements, and ensuring multiple manufacturer certifications at the highest levels. 

He is a Certified Quality Manager with the American Society for Quality, and recognized for his outstanding achievements.  
Who We Are
Stephen M. Harvey
Founding and Managing Partner

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Stephen M. Harvey