When participants: 
  • Contribute to the discovery of solutions to posed problems
  • Learn new skills through doing
  • Have adequate time to practice their new skills 
  • Consistently demonstrate, newly acquired skills and techniques on the job
  • Perform training behaviors and techniques with competence and confidence
  • Generate higher per customer gross dollars 
  • Learning goals align with company and departmental business strategies
  • The value of the individual increases allowing opportunities for advancement
IDS Training Ideology 
We provides an interactive adult learning environment tailored to specific department job skills. The interactive training curriculum identifies participant’s current skill-sets, behaviors and knowledge. Guided Discovery training includes baseline performance (participant role playing), performance modeling (instructor role playing), discussion, participant performance and  evaluation, and certification.
Training Return on Investment

Is your ROI for your training dollars, a guess?  If you can't or don't measure a return - it's an expense. If training drives sales or service growth - then it's an investment. 
What is your current ROI on training?

Growth  Is
Our Only 
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“This was the best class I have taken ever. Wasn’t boring, kept everyone involved.  I can actually say I will get better at my job with the new techniques especially using the ”may I ask why” question, for declined work. Thank you guys”. 
David Garcia  - Back to Basics Service Advisor Training
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Trianing Now!
We Custom Write Training Programs
IDS customizes training plans.  The curriculum is tailored to your customized training plans.  
 dealership’s departmental needs. 
Training plan benefits: 
Customized via collaboration with your staff
Become the proprietary property of the dealership
Highly effective when developing specialized
 techniques and behaviors
Predictable training outcomes
Developed to reflect the dealership’s DNA 
Training is typically performed onsite at the dealership to reduce cost, and make more effective use of employee time. Cost of customized training programs are affordable (well within department training budgets). 

Standard Workshop curriculum can be performed at the dealership with a set minimum student count. 
Experience an informative, challenging, and interactive job specific training workshop with IDS. Check out what workshop fits your needs below . . .
What Makes Effective Training?
 Basic Salesperson “Road to the Sale” for New Hires 
 3 Day Class 
             You will learn:
  • The complete road to the sale – step by step
  • Techniques and behaviors to use from “Greeting” through “Delivery”
  • How to move the customer to a decision
  • Building confidence in customer handling and ability to overcome objections 
  • Reading customer buying motive and turning them into a write up
  • Sales process modeling and role playing  
Graded criteria and end of class Certification   Course Code - SLSBA0901A
“Back to Basics” Experienced Salesperson Training 
 1 Day Class 
             You will participate in:
  • "Road to the Sale” performance review, including key words and phrases
  • Group discussions on common issue that effect everyone in the sales process
  • Discovering the issues that hold experienced salespeople back and overcome them
  • Individual focus on specific performance road blocks
  • Action planning for immediate on-the-floor performance improvement
Performance Certificate upon completion       Course Code - SLSBTB0901A
 Basic Service Advisor “Service Road to the Sale” for New Hires 
 2 Day Class 
   You will learn:
  • Techniques and behaviors from greeting through delivery in “Service Road to the Sale”
  • The role of the service consultant/advisor and exceed customer’s expectations
  • What measurements are used to define and achieve your success 
  • Techniques to overcome common customer objections  
  • How to presenting estimates and follow up: building R.O. dollars and job gross
Graded performance and Certification     Course Code - SABAS0901
 “Back to Basics” Professional Service Advisor Training
 1 Day Class
            You will participate in:
  • Review ‘Road to the Sale” performance, including key words, phrases and time use
  • Review of R.O. performance for last 90 days and identify performance gaps 
  • Individual focus on specific performance road blocks
  • Action planning for immediate on the drive performance improvement
Performance Certificate upon completion Course Code - SABTB0901
What's being said about IDS Workshops:

“Everything was well organized, role playing and involving us made things easier to learn”.

“We definitely need more interactive workshops for info needs and training. Both teachers were great”.

“Good information given at good speed. Involvement was nice and helps understand what is being gone over”.

“Role playing made me uncomfortable at first, but after certification I’m glad it was done this way”! Thanks.

All responses from participant feedback.