An Assessment Provides Answers
Our individual Sales Assessment and Service Assessment provides detailed insight on your dealership's key business practices, today.  Each delivers a comprehensive evaluation with qualitative and quantitative written results. There are eight individual assessments in each suite. Choose between one or more of the eight suites available to perform.     

Assessment Facilitation
Assessments are performed through employee interviews, performance observations, process review, mystery shopping, customer feedback, and data analysis.  

Value of IDS Completed Assessment 
  • Each assessment is comprehensive in scope. 
  • Each delivers an external evaluation focusing on value propositions. 
  • Management's understanding of where and how the department stands is confirmed. 
  • Results read like a decision road map for targeted growth improvement opportunities.
  • Highlights quick actionable steps for immediate results.

Optional Dealer Performed Assessment
Each assessments may be purchased and performed by competent managers. Your manager(s) identify or discover department gaps that become improvement opportunities. 
The results provide exceptional value to leadership and to the organization. 
Your information is private.
The IDS Privacy Policy Agreement (PPA) protects all information and documentation received during all assessment activities.


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Preparing for growth by knowing where you stand today! 
Key Activities Evaluated

•  “Road to the Sale” Steps
•  Internet Process
•  Used Vehicle Process
•  Finance Process
•  Loyalty and Retention
•  Management
•  Salespersons
•  CRM and Prospecting

•  “Road to the Service Sale” 
•  Loyalty Repair Process
•  Repair Order Analysis
•  Pre-owned Vehicle 
    Re-Con Process
•  Parts & Accessory
•  Director/Management 
•  Service Advisors
  CRM and VOC Handling
The ©IDS Sales and Service Assessment Suites drill into department policies, procedures, systems and employee behaviors.  These assessments search for growth opportunities by identifying gaps that cost daily business.  Assessing what you do and how you do it is a dealer strength exercise. As third party observers we deliver objective results with actionable recommendations. 

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