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Whether its for prestige or financial rewards - dealer certification adds value
When your manufacturer decides to initiate a company program to improve their competitive position in the market place, they turn to their distribution network; the dealership. Why do manufacturers want their dealers to be part of a company initiative to improve their brands performance in business operations? The benefit directly affects customer choices for their products and services, in a highly competitive retail automotive sales environment.

It pays for the dealership to become certified, and conform to the uniform standards most manufacturer programs entail. The value received for the dealership is in providing a uniform standard that can be counted on by the customer. Survey returns constantly reinforce customer preferences for consistency of operations, predictable outcomes, delivered by a caring professional staff. That’s what certification programs are designed to provide. 

Manufacture Certification Initiatives
What We Provide for Certification Compliance
We have successfully integrated manufacturer certification criteria requirements, for top tier manufacturer programs. 

Dealerships we have worked with have achieved some of the highest certification compliance results for documentation, process execution, and employee behaviors. Our experience includes large, medium, and small dealerships working with their staffs to accomplish individual certification goals. We work within the framework of the dealership, through a verity of criteria and budgets, to accomplish certification requirements.

Our well defined Five Step preparation process for working through a certification process has served us well. We assess and adopt one, or all, of the steps based on the individual dealerships needs. 

Maintaining certification can be challenging and time consuming. See how we can maintain your certification levels, or status, over the program duration.

Contact us to discuss further how we may be of assistance to your specific certification needs.       


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